Frank’s Order Of Service

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Excerpts from “Return to Vegas” by Roland Lee Gift performed by students of Newland girls school in Hull.

Hannah Lonsdale
Dan Davies

Johnny: Hannah Lonsdale
Sean: Georgina Gilmour Harris
Ricky: Dan Davies
Pearl: Paulina Bilingrek, Niaomi Brinkley
Carol: Ebony Mae Grainger
Barry: Munira Uddin
Ezra: Paulina Bilingrek

Singing: Dixie Hepworth, Winnie Chinyadza, Chloe Dolman, Jessica Brodie, Hannah Lonsdale, Dan Davies, Georgina Gilmour Harris, Paulina Bilingrek, Ebony Mae Grainger, Munira Uddin.

Matt White
Joe Lambert

Sound Recording: Errol Brown

Thanks to the staff, Sally Evans Witts, Jenna Hakeny, Charlotte Bogatinove and the students of Newland school for girls in Hull.

Special thanks to Paul Holloway and Hull City Council for the Arts grant in support of the project.